Try a New BBQ Spot for Lunch or Dinner

Visit Wolf's Bar-B-Q Inc. in Evansville, IN For BBQ, fried fish and other dishes

When you're tired of going to the same restaurant for lunch or dinner, stop by Wolf's Bar-B-Q Inc. in Evansville, IN. We opened our doors in 1927 and have been serving up delectable dishes since. We use the freshest ingredients in all of our recipes.

If you want to chow down on signature BBQ, fried fish, homemade potato salads and pies visit Wolf's Bar-B-Q Inc.

Stop by our barbecue restaurant as soon as possible.

Find a dish you'll love at Wolf's Bar-B-Q Inc.

We've worked hard to become the go-to BBQ restaurant in the Evansville, IN area.
You'll find a variety of dishes on our menu, including:


BBQ Wings

Meringue pie

American Potato Salad

Macaroni salad

Cream Pie

Fried shrimp


Fried chicken

Our main dining room can accommodate up to 250 people. Our private area can accommodate up to 80 people. Visit Wolf's Bar-B-Q Inc. right away for lunch or dinner.